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Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Fantasy Harem

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By ayreesa

As for the moment these are my dream team. They're all from reverse harem series. Their character descriptions are in white since some are spoilers.
1.Senya- His real name is Sa Sakujun from "Saiunkoku Monogatari". He's pure evil but for the first time he had a reason to live when he falls in love with Shuurei. And in own twisted way, he will die for Shuurei as well. I want to see him again in season 2.
2.Ryuuki- The emperor from "Saiunkoku Monogatari". He's childish and spoiled but he's very perspective and responsible. He's very cute when he acts crazy and bold over Shuurei.
3.Rimudo- One of the celestial guardians in "Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden". He transforms to Uruki, as a woman to control the wind. He's very protective to Takiko not just because he's a guardian to a priestess, but because he is just a man and she is a woman. I can sense another ill-fated lovers. :)
4.Shin- The Plant Leafe Knight from "Pretear". He's so cute that I have this urge to squash him.Mwahahah!
5.Yunoki-The flutist from "La Corda d'Oro". Beneath his perfect and friendly smile, is a calculating character. The only one who understands what he truly feels is Kahako. I thought he is just a boring bishonen but I found him so irresistable when he shows his true colors.
6.Hayate- The Wind Leafe Knight from "Pretear". I find it cute at the way he disguises his feelings or rather fools himself by being cold or rude towards Himeno.
7. Nakatsuki- The very funny and cute guy in "Hana Kimi". His love for Ashiya is so unconditional that he will still love her even if she loves another guy or even if she's a guy. He looks out of place with the long-haired beautifully-drawn guys.Tee hee!


  1. hello i am spanish i am sorry for my english. Can you say me which are the tittles of the songs that you put in the page. i want download they. Thank you

  2. 1.Planetarium - Otsuka Ai
    2.Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version- Utada Hikaru
    3.For Fruits Basket - Ritsuko Okazaki
    4.Brand New Breeze - Kanon
    5.Hajimari no kaze - Ayaka Hirahara
    6.Ikenai Taiyou - Orange Range
    7.Sakura Kiss - Chieco Kawabe
    8.Changing - BON-BON BLANCO
    9.Shissou - Last Alliance
    10. Slow - Kiyoharu


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