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Sunday, March 9, 2008

B-Men Kazoku

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By ayreesa

"B-Men Kazoku" ("Bee-autiful Face Nobles" or "Handsome Men") by Kayono 2 volumes

Merumo, a naive witch, came to the human world looking for a beautiful man to impregnate her as atonement for her mistake. It has a funky fashion and setting and I'm not sure if it's futuristic or just eccentric. All the characters has a unique style of art as if it was individually drawn by different mangakas.

It innocently looked like a standard magical girl-comdey-ecchi story. I thought "Hot Gimmick" was mature, the comes "Uwasa no Midori-kun" which I thought was scandalous and finally the perverted "Love Monster". It prepared me to a certain degree to the greatest shock in all my history of reading mangas. Now, I know that smut is the gray matter between ecchi and hentai. NOT for the young and the young at heart.

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