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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Winter Season

Sadly it looks like there's no new reverse harem anime this season. But there's two Korean dramas for the winter line up: 'Star's Lover' which is currently airing and 'Boys Before Flowers' which will premier on January 5. We still have 'Shugo Chara Doki' from previous season and still on the lookout for 'Earl and Fairy'. Enjoy the holidays!
UPDATE: The second season of La Corda d'Oro March debut still falls within the winter season.
UPDATE 2: I'm not sure if LCDO is under winter or spring. :S


  1. Eh? Isn't Hetalia: Axis Powers a reverse harem, or do you only classify it as thus when there's actually a female involved? XD

  2. Yup the main character should be a girl. I haven't seen Hetalia yet but I remembered reading a preview that there's a lot of bishies. :S


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