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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!

I can't tell who's who but I don't mind. The twin factor doubles the fun and increases the bishie sparkles times two! I also have an idea for a reverse harem plot. It'll be based on the controversial octo-mom -- of course the 8 boys all falling in love for one girl. Now drumrolls please for the winners of the polls for favorite twins!

At first place, no surprise, it's the Kaoro Twins of Ouran High School Host Club. They certainly fooled your hearts with their twincest antics with a whopping 250 votes (73%).

The cursed Kiryu Twins of Vampire Knights trailed in second with 117 votes (33%) I don't usually include characters from VK in the polls, but it still provided a weak competition to the previous duo.

Tied in 4th are the only fraternal twins among the bunch, the Minimatanis of Honey Hunt with 38 votes (11%) and the axe-swinging Tweedles Dee and Dumb of Heart no Kuni No Alice with 40 votes (11%).

In fifth place are the gentle Amiboshi and child-of-war Suboshi of Fushigi Yugi with 29 votes (8%).

In sixth place are the shadow and emperor tandem, Shizumasa Twins, of The Gentlemen's Alliance with 27 votes (7%).

In eighth place is the triplets collectively known as Setsuna Ran of Saiunkoku Monogatari with 22 votes (6%).

In ninth place are the twins from sports themed mangas: Ayuhara Twins of My Heavenly Hockey Club with 15 votes and S.P.Y. Twins with 17 votes (4%).

In tenth place are two halves of the character ~ Urumiya Twins of Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden with 13 votes (3%).

In eleventh place are rockstars pair, Ryuutaro and Tora of Midnight Children with 9 votes (2%).

Special mention to the Shinahara Twins of Akarui Kazoku Keikaku. Thanks for voting!


  1. yay~ I just knew they would win

  2. That's a total of 148%

  3. I dunno how it happened i suck at math. >.< Just copied it from blogger's polls. :D

  4. ooh i didn't know ren was a triplet...gee i need to finish watching my Saiunkoku...


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