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Monday, May 4, 2009

Freshest News: Manga rankings

Accodring to a survey conducted in Japan, 'Ouran High School Host Club' is rank #7 among the choice of top 10 list of mangas to be adapted for live-action. More info from ANN.

The 'New York Times' broadsheet has included the manga best sellers since February 22-28. Fruits Basket and Vampire Knight are the only shojos which consistently stayed on the list for couple of months amongst shonen titles like Bleach and most especially Naruto. VK missed on last week of March while FB took the first spots at the latter weeks of March. Check the title in the cover, "The #1 selling shojo manga in America".

March 1-7 The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross #9 ranked 8th
March 8-14- Fruits Basket #22 ranked 5th, Vampire Knight #6 ranked 7th
March 15-21- FB #22 ranked 1st, VK #6 ranked 7th
March 22-28- FB #22 ranked 1st, VK #6 ranked 9th
March 29- April 4- FB #22 ranked 8th
April 5-11- FB #22 ranked 7th, VK #6 ranked 4th
April12-18- FB #22 ranked 8th, VK #6 ranked 10th
April 19-25 FB #22 ranked 7th, VK #6 ranked 9th

For complete list start from here.

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