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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I think someone mixed up the pictures and descriptions of these two in MU. Also both mangas are showing the same mangakas. I've only confirmed it today when I saw Emi's review on 'Bokura no Pink' that these are two entirely different mangas. What are the odds of two reverse harems with similar titles? I've also accidentally discovered other mangas by confusing the titles. I've read 'Red Lion' thinking it was 'Red River' and then mistooked 'Penguin Revolution' for 'Penguin Brothers'. Anyway here's the differences with the two mangas..I think.

Bokura no Pink by Ayano Saijo - A girl being recruited in the Hero's Club. Now under CURRENTLY READING

Boku no Pink - from Mangaabyss: Three hot men and I'm supposed to become their Mama? Filed under COMPLETED

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