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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Blogger turned 10, Neoromance celebrated 15 years and now Reverse Harem Garden is 2 years old! (or young eh?) Thanks to all who followed this blog and for those who shared their thoughts and reverse harem titles. You've all inspired me to try to do a better job and you've all became a part of this. Now let's hear it more from you.

Just add a comment with the following:

-name - age/sex/location (optional)
-How did you learned about reverse harem? and Reverse Harem Garden?
-Favorite reverse harem anime, manga and liveaction


  1. -eccentricyoruba/20/United Kingdom
    -i learnt about reverse harem through an internet search, i find the genre very intriguing.
    -i love Saiunkoku Monogatari, Fruits Basket, The Wallflower and Ouran High School Host Club

  2. hey i have been following this since day one congrates on anniversary quick question who r all the girls n the pic some of them but who is the short haired girl the one from escaflown ??

  3. Thanks Cory. The three girls are from Harukanaru while the fourth girl on the right are from La Corda d'Oro.


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