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Monday, May 3, 2010

Polls: La Corda Couple

The winning duet is Kahoko and Tsukimori! It's no surprise that Tsukimori will win since I think the anime is partial to him although Kahoko never chooses anyone. I didn't expect Hihara to be in second while my favorite Yunoki only placed third. *sniffs* But thanks for the 387 people who joined! La Corda d'Oro is originally a 5-member harem but with the additon of characters in Secondo Passo it's now become seven. Here's the rankings from primo to last.

Len Tsukimori 178 (45%)
Kazuki Hihara 90 (23%)
Azuma Yunoki 36 (9%)
Ryotaro Tsuchiura 27 (6%)
Aoi Kaii 20 (5%)
Kiriya Etou 20 (5%)
Keiichi Shimizu 16 (4%)

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