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Saturday, July 10, 2010

NAA Couple

Rayne won again! Two years I ran a poll while the first season of Neo Angelique Abyss was still airing. I decided to include this again since there were a development with the characters. Not all the characters are into Angelique by the way like Matthias and Erenfied. And we also have two android bishies: Jet and JD. This is another Neoromance otome with anime and manga adaptations and in she ain't chose anyone after two seasons. If people will have their own way she'll really end up with Rayne and I think the story was biased in his favor. Thanks for the 209 peeps who voted!

Rayne 118 (56%)
Nyx 30 (14%)
Hyuga 26 (12%)
Jet 11 (5%)
Roche 11 (5%)
JD 4 (1%)
Erenfried 3(1%)
Mathias 3 (1%)
Rene 2 (0%)
Bernard 1 (0%)

1 comment:

  1. haha my boyfriend was highly interested in the series after seeing the Rayne Taeyang doll which he plans to get... he now wants to cosplay him XD

    I believe its because his red hair with white streaks is so striking...Along with his cat like green eyes, but his personality is really something too!


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