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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Freshest News: Animate Cafe x UtaPri themed food

Animate opens their first cafe in Ikebukuro, Japan on January 31 with Uta Prince No sama- themed food, drinks and mats etc. The promo will end until February 29. More info from Crunchyroll. I got the dish from unleashthegeek's tweet. Here's the menu and translations taken from CR:

Otoya's If I'm With You, It Tastes Better! Just-So Chicken Curry

Masato's I Locked Up My Overflowing Emotions [some kind of] Stew and Rice

Find Piyo-chan! Natsuki's Crepe-wrapped Surprise

Tokiya's Duo of Song and Love Cocktail Marinade

Ren's Harmony Between Me and the Ladies Rich al Dente Fettuccine

Sho's Aim to be a big star! Full throttle chivalry! Twinkle Salad Plate

Cecil's Garnishing the Starry Sky with Aguna Soul Royal Royal Soup

Haruka's Harmony Everyone Creates Together Trio Dessert

Ringo's Gasping Melty Caramel Finished Apple Moon

Ryuuya's Sweet and Sour Adult Love Flavored Rare Cheese Mousse

Shining Special Sweet Set

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