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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Freshest News: Ooku new TV series & 2nd movie

There's a new TV adaptation of the manga on October entitled Ōoku: Arikoto・Iemitsu Hen which will cover the volumes 2-4. Then immediately after the series ends the movie Ōoku: Emonnosuke・Tsunayoshi Hen will premier in December 22 covering volumes 4-6. More info from ANN.


  1. Oh my gosh! Seriously?!

    I only heard about this series when Nino (from Arashi) was cast in the role for the movie adaptation.

    Since I couldn't wait for the movie to come out to know his character's fate (I blame the teaser trailers) that I decided to get the mangas. They're all bounded and wrapped in plastic, so I had no choice but to buy them.

    So to hear that there's a TV series is making me all excited <3

  2. I'm not sure if Nino's character would reappear in the succeeding volumes. I've read it until vol. 2 only. Wow I'm so jealous you have the mangas!


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