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Monday, April 30, 2012

Unconfirmed RH dramas: K-pop- The Ultimate Audition & Happy Michelin Kitchen

K-pop - The Ultimate Auditon or K-POP Choikang Survival

Happy Michelin Kitchen or Xing Fu San Ke Xing
Two unconfirmed dramas are being compared to reverse harem dramas. The currently airing K-pop- The Ultimate Audition is being compared to You're Beautiful. See dramawiki synopsis. While Taiwanese Drama, Happy Michelin Kitchen is being compared to Coffee Prince. I'm not sure if it's still airing or already finished. See dramawiki synopsis. If you have seen any of the two let me know if they're reverse harem as I have so many pending dramas and animes to watch and mangas to read. >.<


  1. I am watching the ultimate audition right now. It does have 1 main girl surrounded by a lot of hot guys but I think only one or two like her. It hints at more, but I still think its worth a watch. Only six episodes out right now I think.

  2. Not very far in audition but looks more like a love triangle :( .

    Also I don't know if anyone has said anything, but the ABC show Jane by Design officially turned into a RH. Also iTunes recently released a Bunch of otome dating sims for girls. To list a few: the "Shall We Date" series (5 out currently), My Forged Weddiing, Pirates in Love (cheesy title great story and CGs), Road to Emerald (wiz of Oz), and a few more. Just thought I let you know! ;)

  3. Thanks for the ton of info! :)


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