Sunday, September 30, 2012

Polls: Who should Alice choose?

It's a close fight between Boris Airay and Blood Dupre! Before watching the movie, I find Boris and the twins a visual treat but after the movie I think I liked Dupre and Julius more. I'm surprised that the twins had a few votes. No one voted for Pierce and Mary Gowland! Thanks for the 280 people who joined the polls for Alice's heart. Here'e the breakdown: 

Boris Airay 23.18% (67 votes)
Blood Dupre 22.84% (66 votes)
Ace 12.46% (36 votes)
Julius Monrey 10.03% (29 votes)
Peter White 14.53% (42 votes)
Joker 5.88% (17 votes)
Tweddle Dee and Dum 5.54% (16 votes)
Elliot March 2.08% (6 votes)
Nightmare Gottschalk 1.38% (4 votes)
Gray Ringmarc 1.38% (4 votes)
Tweedle Dee 0.35% (1 votes)
Tweedle Dum 0.35% (1 votes)
Pierce Villiers 0% (0 votes)
Mary Gowland 0% (0 votes)

Total Votes: 289

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