Sunday, June 9, 2013

Polls : Amnesia couple

I need to get my eyes checked. All the while I was sad thinking that the highest vote I got for a character was in thirties. Then I started looking for Ukyou pics thinking he was the one who won. When I checked the numbers again lo and behold there were actually 404 voters and it was Shin who won. I was looking at the percentages!

My first impression for the anime is that Shin is the main man among the bishies. Then later on I though fangirls will be crazy over questionable,shady characters like Ikki and Toma. Then along came Ukyou. In the end it was a race between Shin and Ukyou. I had to add Orion since I read somewhere that he'll be much older in the upcoming game. I wonder if he'll be the sixth wheel. Thanks for voting. Here's the rundown of your votes:

Shin 139 (34%)
Ukyou 117 (28%)
Toma 63 (15%)
Ikki 39 (9%)
Kent 31 (7%)
Orion 15 (3%)


  1. lol dang, I would have been certain it would be Ukyou. XD
    He like died a million times for her. XP


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