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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Reverse Harem

"Brothers Conflict" anime on July | official site

"Kamisama, Suterareru" and "Kamisama, Onsen ni Iku" bundled with manga on August 20.

"Hakuōki: Daichishō Kyoto Ranbu" movie on August 24| official site    


  1. So what is harem?
    And what is reverse harem?
    I've been watching anime for quite awhile now but I still don't get some stuff.
    And is both kamisama's gonna be manga's?
    Is hakuouki gonna be an anime?
    Sorry for all my questions. It's just that I love these too animes so much

  2. Hi Lily, I will attempt to answer your questions even though I am just a visitor myself. If i'm wrong then someone else please correct me. I think of Harem as one main MALE character surrounded by only women and reverse harem is the opposite; one main FEMALE character surrounded by hawt *cough* males, lol. I'm unsure about the Kamisama. I think it's something like a DVD with 2 special episodes that is going to be sold along with the next Kamisama manga? For Hakuouki, there has already been 3 seasons of anime on it. [Season 1: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Sequel: Hakuouki Hekketsuroku, Prequel: Hakuouki Reimeiroku. The Hakuouki in this post is the movie that is coming out this year in Japan. Hope this helped.

  3. Sorry Lily I've been very busy! Thanks Khiki for answering Lily's questions. Yup they're all correct.


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