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Monday, November 11, 2013

BroCon Polls: Who Should Ema choose?

And the winner for the the Brother Conflicts polls in who should Ema choose is Natsume with 227 votes! BroCon beat Starry Sky record of 837 voters with 900! Maybe we're over-reading the lines but doesn't it look like Ema has feelings for Natsume that she doesn't want to admit or maybe she hasn't realized it yet. I'm surprised that Juli beat 7 brothers. Way to go you ladies man, I mean ladies squirrel. Thank you for ALL those who joined! Here's the brothers arranged by..yep..by popularity and not by ages.

Natsume 227 (25%)
Tsubaki 128 (14%)
Futo  102 (11%)
Yusuke  100 (11%)
Iori  97 (10%)
Subaru 60 (6%)
Juli  50 (5%)
Louis 41 (4%)
Azusa 38 (4%)
Kaname    16 (1%)
Masaomi  15 (1%)
Ukyo  13 (1%)
Hikaru 9 (1%)
Wataru  4 (0%)


  1. Darn. I was rooting so hard for either Futo or Iori.

  2. I wanted Futo or Yuusuke :'(

  3. That ain't surprising at all. Nop. At least the oldest one has some sort thing in his head that u can call a brain. I have to admit they do look good together.


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