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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Freshest News: 2 BroCon OVAs, AnY updates and RoTNW teaser

There will be two "Brothers Conflict" OVA to be released. One for Christmas and the other for Valentine's. There will also be new opening and ending songs from Gero and the voice cast. From ANN. I'm equally excited about the OVAs and the songs! Okay, more excited about THE ending song.

The character designs of "Akatsuki no Yona" have been posted. More pictures from Crunchyroll. The official site is also up. 

Teaser # 1 from "The Records of a Night Watchman". Taken via FB.


  1. OMG! :O BroCon!!! :D I can't wait this just made my day!!! SUPER excited!! :) But does that mean there will be no second season? As to my knowledge I know there is a second season in 2015. Still really excited!!! :D xx

    1. There's no official announcement yet but I have a strong feeling there will be as they haven't covered all of the novels.

  2. Do you know if Records of a Nightwatchman is a verified reverse harem?

    1. I'm only at ep. 2. I find it cheesy but I'll try to catch up. The older versions will make an appearance by next ep. I'll update once I've confirmed if it's rh or not.


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