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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bishonens and Flower Boys

There's a drought of reverse harem anime this summer save for Kamisama OVA but bishonen-filled animes on the other have been plentiful. And just basing on the posters, there's Bakamatsu Rock, Dramatical Murder, Shounen Hollywood, Love Stage, Kuroshitsuji and of course Free! I was looking for a term for this phenomenon and I saw Hashihime dubbing it as bishonen genre. So that was what I was looking for!

I've promised I'll be prioritizing animes so weeks ago I've finally watched the touted otome mobile game turned anime, Sengoku Paradise Kiwami. For the longest time, I thought it was a reverse harem anime but turns out the "heroine" is actually a feminine-looking boy. Yup, bishonen anime! There's a lone woman but she's more in a supporting role and they're not into her.

Meanwhile in dramas, there's been also a lot flower boy concept ever since Boy Before Flowers. TVN is heavily capitalizing on it as well. They had an Oh Boy Series trilogy and other dramas that have a bevy of pretty men.

Bishonen animes and flower boy dramas have been out there for a long time but I have come to this theory that reverse harem may have also helped in making producers realize that there is a large market for girls hankering for pretty boys.
But sadly I haven't really watched bishonen and flower boys with my hands already full with reverse harem. But tell me what are your favorite shows? I'm not expert on this topic but I feel like this deserves a special mention since bishonen, flower boys and reverse harem are like cousins on the mother side while on the father side we've got the harem.

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  1. My favorite is of course Free! >///< I guess it's my favorite anime ever. I haven't really heard anyone using the term bishounen genre but I think it fits well. xD

    From the summer season's bishounen animes I've also liked Shounen Hollywood and Love Stage. ^^


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