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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Poll: How old are you?

Wow! I didn't expect a high turnaround of votes. 868 votes! This poll beat Starry Sky's 837 votes and came in second after Brothers Conflict's 900 votes. And what's more surprising is that 67% of you peeps are all 18 and below! So if you see the tags smut and new adult or if there's a warning or disclaimer from me, please, please don't click it until you're old enough to drive, to get drunk, get married and have babies! I feel like I now have a moral responsibility for all you young people.  And if I ever catch you, 'Oy! You'll all be grounded'. (You have to read The Ghost Bird series to get this reference. Or wait it's about to become new adult now...) It's also reassuring that there's at least one percent of you lot scattered around the globe who's still a fan of reverse harem just like me. Haha! Thanks again for joining. Now my curiosity had been satisfied and I have an idea now on where to take this blog. Here's the breakdown:

12 years old and below- 54 votes (6%)
13-18 years old- 531 votes (61%)
19-23 years old- 201 votes (23%)
24-30 years old- 52 votes (5%)
31-40 years old- 15 votes (1%)
41-50 years old- 7 votes (0%)
over 50 years old- 8 votes (0%)

The picture above is from the new drama, Plus Nine Boys. Nope, not a reverse harem but it's like a new take of the flower boy concept. It's about flower boys/men with ages ending in nines: 9, 19, 29 and 39 years old.

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