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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Freshest News: DiaLov 2nd season & stageplay, Dance with the Devils anime and Boys Over Flowers manga 2nd season

Diabolik Lovers will be getting a second season for the anime and a stage adaptation too. The anime will feature the Sakamaki and Mukami brothers while the play will run from August 26 to 30. From: ANN

Rejet, Elements Garden and avex collaborate for an original TV anime entitled "Dance with the Devils" slated for this year. There's also a game to be released this 2015. More info from ANN.

Synopsis: The story revolves around Rikka Tachibana, a female second-year high school student who attends Shiko Academy in Shiko Town. She enjoyed her school life while living with her mother Maria, but one day, that balance fell into ruin. The anime is a story of Rikka being loved and being attracted to demons.

The Boys Over Flowers manga is getting a second season. The story takes place at Eitoku Academy two years after the original F4 graduates. There will be a new cast of characters. The manga will debut on Shonen Jump digital magazine. The first three chapters will also be simultaneously available for free on Vizmanga starting February 15. Check out all the deets at ANN.


  1. Okay, i was expecting second season of Brocon to come soon. It was great to have a new reverse harem anime coming. But i couldn't believe diabolik lovers could get one new series coming. Ah is it coming this spring ? or next season ?

    1. No info yet. But I'll post about it once there news. :D

  2. When the dance with devils release date?

    1. No update yet but I'll blog about it once it's announced.


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