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Monday, March 9, 2015

Book Reviews: Spearwood Academy Volume 3 and 4 and Spearwood Boys Volume 1

Spearwood Academy Volume 3 and 4 and Spearwood Boys Volume 1 by A.S. Oren

In Volume 3, Avalon and her friend goes to New York to have her mind fixed by the sea witch while in Volume 4, with the magic undone all the secrets of the past will catch up with Avalon. In Spearwood Boys, we get to see episode 1 from perspective of the boys. Be warned of spoilers and a mature theme towards the end of Volume 4. I received free copies of the books in exchange of a honest review.

Volume 3 is the game changer. Everything went a 360-degree turn. Everything that we know is gone.  I was happily contented in my comfort zone and I was really surprised with how things suddenly became unfamiliar territory. You might think it's awful. It's not! It's just that my heart wasn't ready for the story to progress yet. After the denial, I logically welcome the change. It is bound to happen. As the story progress to Volume 4, it's becoming reminiscent more of The Mortal Instruments meets Harry Potter.  I won't divulge any further but if you're familiar with TMI you'll know what I mean. I still have mixed feelings with it beeing TMI-ish but let's see how it progress. But similarities aside there are re too many enemies! I wonder if they're all going to gang up together. If I'm not mistaken I think I saw a spoiler that seems to show Kearn as an enemy too. Dang!  But with enemies, comes allies! And there's plenty too as well. But I have this feeling that Sibil will make an appearance towards the middle or the end of the story. It may be as an enemy or an ally or a frenemy! The author originally planned seven volumes but it may reach up to fourteen. 

I feel like Bullock will have a special importance in Avalon's heart. All this time, I've dismissed Bullock as an unattractive guy in my head. I was so focused to Mirren, Dante and Paden. Still is. Oren ran a poll if the readers prefer polyamorous I'm like Noooo! I just want to be selfish and let her date my favorite guys only! Haha. I let some silent squeal inside of me whenever they get jealous or when she get into an awkward situations with them you know like seeing her naked...several times. Avalon will have a steamy moment with one of the guys on Volume 4. The story is bordering now on new adult. Cue in music, "Blurred Lines".   

In Spearwood Boys, there are hints of what might happen in the future and each boy will answer a burning question or will share a secret of something we've disregarded as innocent. I tend to forget my least favorite characters so this can serve as a refresher of who's who. But if you need some visual aid, refer to the photos below on how the author pictures them. But imagine Mirren and Triton with longer hair. I can't stress enough of how excited I am to see Mirren's POV and I do hope it's the part when she's in her birthday suit during the challenge. Hahaha! But too bad the spin-off is on hiatus and it has already been removed from Amazon. Meanwhile, Spearwood Academy Volume will be out on the 14th. I've added the cover on Spring Reverse Harem 2015.

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