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Monday, August 10, 2015

News Round Up: DiaLov &DwD airing dates, unconfirmed RH Kdramas and more!

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood will air on September 23. From official twitter account.

Dance with Devils will be out on October. From official twitter page.

Check out the full cast and PV for the stageplay adaptation of La Corda which runs on September 4 to 13. More info and check out bigger pictures on ANN.  Above photo is from official twitter account.

For this week, the contest is 'Your Dream Wedding'. Just post 200 words or less in the official FB page. Deadline is on August 13, 10AM PDT. Contest is open worldwide. I'm sorry I wasn't able to post last week's contest! 

Idea Factory also partnered with Gloczus to port the game on Android and iOS devices in English on August. More info on ANN.

To Be Continued, an upcoming Korean web drama, is "about girl who crosses paths with a male idol group who suddenly find themselves back in the past, right before their big debut." It features a real-life upcoming boy band group and slated for 12 episodes starting August 18. Get the deets on allkpop


One and Only You, is also an upcoming Korean drama, about a scandal between a new five-member idol group and a troublemaker top actor. I'm thinking the troubelmaker may be that girl in the picture. We'll see. Hongbin of VIXX is set to play the leader of the idol group. The drama is slated for a fall airdate with 16 episodes. More info on Kpopblitz and Asianwiki


  1. Oh nice!!

    Been waiting for the dates and now i can wait patiently!!

  2. I'm playing amnesia on my android. but it's a litle expensive. thank you christmas. But it's fine like Hakuoki, good draws, beautiful voices. just the story more simpler.


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