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Monday, January 18, 2016

News Round Up: UtaPri 4th season and Hakuouki Otogoshi season airing and more!

Uta Prince No Sama's fourth season will air this fall. From Crunchyroll

 Here's the PV from Hakuouki Otogoshi. The anime will air this spring. From: MAL 

Here's the PV of the stageplay adaptation of Dance with Devils. It features the anime's ending song, Mademoiselle. More info on ANN.

Watch the PV of Arcana Famiglia's stageplay adaptation. More info on ANN.

Check out the promotional image for upcoming musical play,Fushigi Yugi ~Ake no Sho. The new actors for Yui and Taiitsukun have also been announced. The rest of the cast from the previous stage play version will reprise their roles. More info on ANN

Here's the digest of 7th Hakuouki musical. From: ANN

SBS is going to remake the Taiwanese drama, Scarlet Heart and with the title, Moon Lovers. It's about girl who travels back in time in the Qing dynatsty and with the Korean remake it will now be Goryeo dynasty. Bottom line, there's going to be a lot of princes! Someone suggested Scarlet Heart as reverse harem and I've got to watch a few episodes but dropped it. The drama will air on September,.Via allkpop. UPDATE 2: I have not seen Scarlet Heart, I was referring to Jade Palace Lock Heart. :S 

Join the giveaway for digital copies of Norn 9 and Code Realize. It's open worldwide and ends on January 21. Head over to chic-pixel to join. 

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