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Monday, September 12, 2016

News Round Up: Yume 100 anime, Uta Pri 4 airdate, Hwarang drama and more!

The smartphone game, Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Ouji-sama ("The Kingdom of Dreams and the 100 Sleeping Princes or "Yume-100"), will have two anime adaptations: a short anime in 2017 and TV anime series in 2018. Here's the synopsis:
The heroine is a normal girl, until one day she is invited to another world and becomes the princess of the dream world, where people use dreams as the energy to live. One day, the dream world is being attacked by something called "yumekui" ("dream eater"), and many princes are being attacked by it. The heroine must wake them up to save the dream world, as the princes are unable to wake up due to having their dreams stolen.
More info on MAL and ANN.

Uta Prince no Sama will air on October 1. Here's the plot:
The competition for who will open the Triple S international sporting event. Raging Entertainment's HE★VENS idol group had hijacked the competition between QUARTET NIGHT and ST☆RISH, causing chaos. However, after the QUARTET NIGHT members suggest a certain idea, the three groups aim toward a new stage, with HE★VENS swearing to get their revenge on the other two groups
More info on ANN.

The second  musical, Dance with Devils ~ Da Capo~ will have three additional characters and two endings. The endings will depend on Ritsuka's choice which are Dear My Devil Rem and Dear My Excorcist Lindo. The two endings will have different dates. More info on ANN.

Hwarang: The  Beginning will air this December. This is not a confirmed reverse harem. More info on Dramabeans.
Hwarang: The Beginning takes us back 1,500 years in time to the Silla kingdom, where the Hwarang were warriors known for being beautiful.  The show stars Park Seo-joon (She Was Pretty) as a warrior, opposite Go Ara (Answer Me 1994) as his love interest, with Park Hyung-shik (High Society) as his royal-in-disguise rival. The Hwarang unit is rounded out by fellow flower warriors Min-ho (Because It’s the First Time), Do Ji-han (Basketball), and Jo Yoon-woo (Mask).

The F4 had a mini reunion when Jerry Yan and Van Ness Wu attended Ken Chu's wedding last September 3. From: ABS-CBN

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  1. I hope Hwarang is reverse harem... look how many hot guys there are!!


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