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Sunday, October 16, 2016

News Round Up: Meiji Tokyo Renka TV anime, Always and Forever, Lara Jean cover, Gogh's Starry Night drama and more!

Meiji Tokyo Renka will have a TV anime adaptation. More info on ANN.

Hiro Fujiwara will have a crossover of her works Maid Sama! and Does Yuki Fall To Hell in the February issue of Lala which will be released on December 24. Maid Sama! ended in 2013 while Does Yuki Fall to Hell ended in the November issue. More info on ANN.

Here's the cover of Always and Forever, Laura Jean by Jenny Han. It will be released on April 4, 2017. Read EW's interview with Jenny Han here. Pre-order here.

Korean drama, Gogh's Starry Night will air on SBS on October 22. It first aired as web drama and then in China. More info on Dramabeans:
The light romance stars Kwon Yuri (Neighborhood Hero) as an employee at an advertising agency, and Kim Young-kwang (D-Day) as the surly boss she dislikes. Lee Ji-hoon (Mirror of the Witch) is the ex-boyfriend who dumped her heartlessly, and when he joins the company as a team leader, he tries to win her back. And as if that weren’t enough suitors, Shin Jae-ha (Wanted) is the hoobae with a starry-eyed crush on her.

Solmare has licensed otome game, Princess Arthur, as Shall We Date? Princess Arthur. It will be out on Android and Apple iOS devices this year. More info on Siliconera.
In Shall We Date? Princess Arthur, we follow the story of a young woman named Alu. Her elder brother, Kay, is a Knight of the Round Table. After King Uther Pendragon dies, Kay goes to try and pull the sword from the stone to show he’d be worth of being the next king. Except, Alu ends up being the one to remove it. She’s now Camelot’s leader. Aside from suddenly becoming royalty and dealing with all that entails, she also gets the opportunity to fall in love with Lancelot, Gawain, Tristan, Galahad, Mordred, and Merlin.

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