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Saturday, April 15, 2017

News Round Up: Meteor Garden remake, Otome Yusha anime etc, Fushigi Yugi Byakko manga & more!

Meteor Garden will have a remake in 2018. This was announced on the 16th year anniversary of it's airing in Taiwan. The same producer, Angie Chai, will also helm the planned remake. More info on Dramapanda. I actually first saw it from Babrie Hsu's IG

Level-5 announced that the release of Otome Yusha (Otome Hero) mobile app will be delayed from spring to summer. The game will have 24 characters that the player can use for battles and build relationships with. There will also be an anime and manga adaptations. More info on ANN.

Yuu Watase will began Fushigi Yugi Byakko-hen manga in Flowers October issue. The one-shot manga Fushigi Yugi: Byakko Ibun was released last February 2015. More info on ANN.

The filming for Love x Doc movie will begin this April. The movie is slated for release next year.  Synopsis and more info on Doramaworld.

Yoshida Kotaro plays Goda Asuka, a 40-year-old pastry chef who owns a dessert shop and has two employees Hanada Seiya (Nomura Shuhei) who is younger than her and Gonda Kenichi (Shinohara Atsushi) who used to be a salaryman and aspires to become a pastry chef now. One day, Seiya suddenly confesses his feelings for Asuka which makes her extremely troubled because she is already involved in an extramarital affair with Awai Junji (Yoshida) who was her boss before she opened her own shop and has an ambiguous relationship with Nomura Shunsuke (Tamaki Kotaro), a trainer working at a gym who her friend likes. In a bid to sort out her love life which has been in a mess since she was 35, Asuka goes for a genetic check-up at a mysterious clinic named "Love Doc".
I also updated April Fool's with a link for Breadmasterlee's screenshots. Make your vote count, join Prince of Stride polls through desktop or PC version. 

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