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Monday, June 26, 2017

News Round Up: Idolish 7 anime and Five drama visuals, Ikemen anime trailer and more!

Here's the visual for the upcoming anime of Idolish 7. Aside from the anime, there will be a spin off series too. From: ANN. (This is not a confirmed reverse harem.)

Check out the key visual for the upcoming drama, Five. There will be an early release on Fuji on Demand on June 30. The drama will air on July 3. From: Official site I also updated Summer Reverse Harem 2017

Watch the promotional video for the anime, Ikemen Sengoku. From: ANN. (This is not a confirmed reverse harem too.)

Here's a late Happy Father's Day post from Pinoy reverse harem drama, Meant To Be. It already concluded last Friday after running a popularity poll of who the heroine should end up with. Although I have not seen the series, I'm glad it run for 6 months instead of the original plan of 6 weeks due to high ratings.
From: PEP 

Please also join Norn 9 polls! It can be viewed though desktop version of the site. 11 days more to go before it ends. 

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