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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Book Review: The Selection Book 5: The Crown

The Selection Book 5: The Crown by Kiera Cass

This is the second of the two-part story of Eadlyn's and the fifth book in the Selection series. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Eadlyn must now fast track the Selection, but she has not even made up her mind yet of who to choose.

She doesn't know the answer until the very last minute. But in truth, she does know the answer but it was not that clear to her since she's not entertaining it at all. But not that there are exciting choices. I find this too tame for the reverse harem market and too serious for young adult. All my theories from the first books did not happen and the antagonist also just came out of the blue. I have already guessed the guy of who she will end up but on a different level. But the sudden turn of events still managed to surprise me.

I'm happy that the book showed diversity with the characters, especially at this age. The book is political after all.  A big thumbs up for that. If your work is related with dealing with breaking bad news to people or related to customer service, then this one's for you. I think this is the book of dummies of the art of sugar coating and flowery words. I'm not trying to be sarcastic, but she's really good with it. If I have the time, I could go back to book one and highlight all the lines, but no I don't have any plans! I was planning to reread the first one but do not want to bother anymore. I had really high hopes for this book when it first came out. But with how the trilogy fared, I should have already learned my lesson. 

And now my favorite part, let's judge the cover! The covers for The Selection are a big deal. But sadly, it's the least beautiful cover. The pose was not dramatic enough, I guess. Although purple is my favorite color, it looks so washed out. The overall look underwhelms.

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