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Monday, August 7, 2017

News Round Up: Ashita no Nadja novel sequel, Falling For Them Part 2 and 3 and more!

The anime, Ashita no Nadja, will be continued in sequel novel, Ashita no Nadja: 16-sai no Tabidachi ("Tomorrow's Nadja: A 16-Year-Old's Journey"). It will be out on September 2017. More information on Crunchyroll.

Check out the promotional video for the manga, Netsuai Prince: Onii-chan wa Kimi ga Suki, which will be out on August 1. Matsuri Amamiya gets three stepbrothers who are also idol when her mom remarries. There will be a rival idol group too who will be thrown in the mix. More information on ANN.

There will be a two-volume event, Falling for Them on September. It will be new anthology of stories.  More information on Reverse Harem Readers.

R-18 Otome game, Ken ga Hana ni Shizumu Toki, will be available in Steam on August 31.
---Long long ago, there were magicians living in this country---
Ford Gillia Kingdom, where the ancient magicians' legend still remains.On a certain day Adelite, belonging to the kingdom's chivalric order was cast a death-promising curse by a man who identifies himself as a "magician".The feud between knights and magicians is beyond epochs...
From English Otome Games via Heart of Manga.

And Korean celebrity news! Click on the names for more information. 

Lee Jong Suk of 7 First Kisses delays military enlistment on August, while Taecyeon of 7 First Kisses wants to get enlisted this year. Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon of Hwarang will not have any enlistment woes as he had already served when he was 21 year old, long way before got into acting. Yoochun's (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) fiancee, Hwang Ha Na is having second thoughts with their wedding due to negative online comments and external pressure.

I also updated Hello August with calendar from Cybird Ikemen. Please also join Kiss Him, Not Me polls. 8 more days to go before it closes!

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