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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Book Review: Seraph Black Book #4: Portrait of Pain

Seraph gets a premonition of what Danny has in store for her and their kind. She makes preparations with her pairs when the fateful day comes. This is the final book of the Seraph Book series. For mature readers only and spoilers ahead. 

The first half dragged on. Too much waiting and planning. I love the twists but it wasn't explored much. Danny's end was anti climatic. Sure there was plenty of action but the things that mattered did not reach full potential.

This is the first reverse harem that finally crossed the bridge. It was unbelievable at first. I'm like this is not happening. And then later on when it sank in... OMG it did happen. And if I'm being too vague, I meant THEY finally did the deed. But for this, it was perfectly executed and not all over the place. It did not dwell on it. It's as if something natural happened in passing.

Novels are closer to real life compared to anime/mangas. Sometimes I have to step back and see the reverse harem excuse vs reality. Is this really going to work? Animes/mangas tend to end with heroines choosing just one guy or none at all. But in books especially with the boom in reverse harem books now, the trend is for the heroine to make the reverse harem set up literally work.

After I accepted the reality I realized I'm no newbie to this stuff. What the heck am I being dramatic for? There is plenty of R-18 otome games and smutty/mature mangas. In animes, we have Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai and Trick or Alice (haven't watched the latter). Well, I guess it's like seeing your child grown into an adult. I've been spoiled by CL Stone and the rest of young adult books I've read so far.

The teacher's moment was cute ugh totally not the right word. I know. While the twins are uhmm shocking. For Silas, I don't really like him but reluctantly he's the main guy. I only realized it after the series ended. LOL. can't relate to his character. I usually like bad boy types but I picture him as too old and too bodybuilder-ish type for her.

I liked the first three books compared to the last book. Well, I generally dislike finales in TVs and endings in books. Especially if you enjoyed the series. I am more of a journey type, not the final destination type. But as I said it could have been better if some of the important elements were explored. And I can't believe I ranted on the scenes that appeared in just a couple of pages instead of the final story as a whole. 


  1. I just want to sincerely say thank you so so so much for doing these reviews&for having this website. Reverse harem is a low key passion of mine&to have something like this website to come to is just like the best thing in the world so again thank you I really appreciate you&all the work you have done& continue to do.

  2. "the trend is for the heroine to make the reverse harem set up literally work"

    This happens to be exactly what I want to see more of, I've grown increasingly bored with Monogamy.

    Is this a Japanese book? The cover looks like a western YA novel?


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