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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hot Gimmick

Hot Gimmick 12 volumes by Miki Aihara

Hatsume lives with her family in a housing complex filled with gossipmonger tenants. Life gets tougher as the naive and shy girl is overwhelmed with the neighborhood boys' attention. The mangaka exhausted all the typical complications in each guy who is interested in her. The story is predictable yet the repackaged result was so addictive that I can't put the manga down or rather I can't tore myself away from the mouse. It lived up with it's unusual title. I had mixed emotions to which guy she should choose! The art is beautifully done but without color I sometimes get interchangeably confused with Azusa and Ryouki without his glasses. But I'd really love to see this on live action over anime. "Hot Gimmick" will also remind you of a certain Asian drama. But even if it materializes to TV, it may suffer censorship or even heavy storyline changes as this is intended for older audience. (almost all the main characters are underage btw *coughs* you get the general idea)


  1. I kept reading it for the romance scenes, but through the whole scene I was waiting for a neat climax where Hatsumi, the protagonist finally learns to stand up for herself and all of the characters change for the better. It doesn't happen. Still, it was an interesting read that certainly got me engaged.

  2. this manga had me to the edge of my seat! BUT! OMG~ the end of that was just f**k*d. Though, my bipolar self won't let me hate it... *spoiler* ... I really did wish that she had picked Shinogu in the end but i guess not. The twists and turns that this manga provided its readers really did exhaust also most all the avenues that a writer can take with characters. I second the demotion that this manga made you feel so confused on who really deserves Hatsumi till the very end. And *spoiler*... makes you hope that if ever this manga becomes an Anime, that an OVA is made from the comment that Azusa makes to Kazama, about the "new" plan he wants to take on TACHIBANA-sama.
    But, seriously... this was a great manga, no douht. Left you feeling for every single main character, torn between hating and loving every single one.


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