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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hua Yang Shao Nian Sha or Hana Kimi

Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu 15 episodes based on Nakajo Hisaya's manga, "Hana Kimi"

Hana Kimi vs Hana Kimi

From what I've read in the reviews before I believe this is more faithful to the manga which is about a girl disguising as a boy in an all-boys school. But I confess I prefer the jdorama "Hana Kimi". Probably because the Taiwanese drama is the first adaptation and the jdorama had the advantage of improving or for better term, improvising the material. I'm biased that I got tired with the pacing. I really should read the manga. Bottomline, if you want to watch both then watch this first.

Yi Quan or Sano's character is more expressive with his feelings but was not given justice by the acting. I know they're all in their twenties but he's the least believable high school student.

Ella who plays Rui Xi is much more convincing to pass as a boy than her Japanese counterpart. She always make this weird, ungraceful faces to make her less of a girl and I thought Yi Quan is 'prettier' compared to her. But gradually as the series progress I noticed that she looked liked she lost weight and appear to be more and more of a girl. Ella is member of the girl group S.H.E who sung the kitschy opening song . In their music video you'll see her as she really is.

Now I know that I love the Nakatsu character whoever actor is playing it.

Season 2 were junked just this Septmeber. This one's a premature reverse harem since it ended with a cliffhanger. Could the success of "Hana Kimi" jdorama which also ended in September had something to do with it?

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