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Friday, October 26, 2007

Tokyo Crazy Paradise

"Tokyo Crazy Paradise" by Yoshiki Nakamura 19 volumes

Tsukasa was raised as a boy for her own protection by her police parents. But when her parents died she impulsively brought her brothers to the aid of her Yakuza classmate, Ryuji Shirogami, of all people and becomes forever indebted to him. The story has a good start but becomes boring with some fillers and then picks up to an adrenaline-pumping scenes one after another. There are a lot of characters that I wished were excluded to concentrate on developing the important ones like Akira etc. This can be a great anime to watch with all the gangster action interwoven seamlessly with romance and comedy. The ecchi is essential to the story too. LOL! The time is 2020 in Tokyo, but the fashion and hairtsyles are so eighties. Girls in gender-bender roles are always politically speaking as less endowed but after seeing Tsukasa...I'm taking back my words.


  1. Well, I personally think Tokyo Crazy Paradise is one of the best mangas I have ever read. Although there are 'filler' bits, I guess I don't find it as boring. The last few volumes are the best.

  2. I agree, Tokyo Crazy Paradise is one of my favorite manga's (Too bad I can't find much of a following for it). Personally, I think that what some would call fillers are more important for the character developements, than their actual content.

  3. Very interesting manga and I agree with the first two comments that it may have been one of my favorites. The content is comprehensible and has well-developed characters. Though the drawing is of the older style, it's still good. The scanlations also have good quality so it doesn't lessen the reading experience. The relationships are also nice.


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