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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meine Liebe

"Gin'yuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe" or "Meine Liebe" (German for 'my love')

Tanbi Musou (Beautiful Dream) Meine Liebe GBAMeine Liebe Yuubinaru Kioku (Graceful Memory) PS2Meine Liebe II~Hokori to Seigi to Ai~ (Pride, Justice & Love) PS2Meine Liebe (Season 1) 13 episodesMeine Liebe ~Wieder~ (Season 2) 13 episodesMeine Liebe ~Eien naru Musou Kyoku~ (Eternal Dream Music) 4 volumes by Rei Izawa

If it's a dating sim or RPG and you're the female character with a lot of boyfriend candidates, chances of creating reverse harem animes or manga as a promotional franchise is high. For example: Angelique, La Corda d'Oro and Haruka 8. Or so I thought.

The Game: Meine Liebe series is created for GBA and PS2. The object of the game is to hook up with one of the guys. I have the GB and emulator sitting in my hard drive for a like a month now. I've been procrastinating because it's a hassle to play in Japanese although I've found a site that has the game translation guide.

The Anime: There are 5 Strahls in the academy being groomed as future leaders of their country. They dwelled too much on internal conflicts of each character and the hero complexes all for saving the future. I couldn't get myself to watch the second season after the agony of watching the first. As handsome as they all are, the anime is so severely serious that you'd forget they're bishonens. This would have been better if they made this into a reverse harem.

The Manga: Good news: This one is a reverse harem and the guys are charming here. Bad news: Shallow plot. Girl, (Erica) is in search for her brother who might be one of the Strahls.


  1. Erm, I saw this post and was wondering whether you can put the link to the site which has the english translation, because I can't fint it.

    Thanks in advance

  2. you can read it at mangafox..!!

  3. I have the GBA/PS2 game of this, I can say that probably compared to other otome games, this one not full of doki2 moments for heart events, oh well.

    But I like the manga, the art is just so pretty ^-^


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