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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Uwasa No Midori-Kun

"Uwasa No Midori-Kun" (No official translation yet "The Legendary Midori-Kun", "The Infamous Midori-kun", "The Supposed Midori-Kun", "The Much Talked About Midori-Kun" by Ikeyamada Go 6 volumes- ongoing

Midori lives in a small remote island. Her childhood friend who taught her soccer returns and becomes a catalyst in making her enroll to an all-boy school in Tokyo to play soccer. They cut down to the chase and goes straight to business and I was like this O_O?! It manages to stay cute and scandalous at the same time. And unlike gender benders this girl haven't heard the words: bind or bandages or vest. I'm not sure if there will be 11 princes after her as written in the picture above, but as of last count there are 9-10 bishonens. The art is cute and I love the vivid covers and the strategically placed inserts on the magazine. Another unconfirmed reverse harem but I got excited that I can't wait to post about it. Nintendo DS also released "Uwasa Midori-kun!! Natsuiro Striker" game last September in Japan and there's an unknown bishie in the the cover.

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  1. i've read this manga recently........ it has the basic plot of shoujo manga but the ending is very surprising. its the 1st manga i've read that manage to confuse my 'hair colour' theory: the heroin will always end up with hero with her opposite hair colour. and that theory never failed until this one comes along. since there is two heroes, one with black the other with white. and the girl originally have black hair but dyed it blonde; ie white. a very good read. and surprising end


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