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Monday, February 25, 2008

Love Monster

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By ayreesa

"Rabu Monsuta" ("Love Monster") by Riko Miyagi 12 volumes

Hiyo was lured into entering SM Academy by a boy who calls himself as her fiance. She then discovers that SM Academy stands for Saint Monster and yup it's a school for monsters. She will also uncover the big reason why a human girl like herself was enrolled to this school and engaged to the monster president.

The story and art has a childish appeal and is fairly decent but I was grossed out with the ecchi scenes! It isn't a romantic or sweet ecchi. It's more like a disturbing and perverted ecchi. I even wonder if the name of the school is a pun. I was optimistic when I read this because it's on the top ten of an online manga site. It might have been popular for the wrong reasons. Definitely not for underage readers.


  1. Same here, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would have. I stopped reading after like, 2 chapters, because of the disturbing smut scenes. -_-

  2. I found some interesting
    harem mangas:
    Dear School Gang Leader
    and it's love

  3. Hey! I haven't seen you for a while. Yeah it looks interesting. Thanks! :)

  4. this new comment thing sucks
    so I hadn't used it yet

  5. Gomen! I decided to use blogger's comments instead of tagboard so I don't have to worry about the comments disappearing like what happened before.

  6. I you like love monster then I recommended you Hana ni Nare, from the same autor. It is about a reverse harem, you can watch it on mangafox.com, The story is it:
    Momo Yamada wanted to be a flower when she grew up, but she's blossomed into nothing more than a rather homely teenager. When her grandmother passes away, Momo becomes a live-in maid for the two sons of a elegant fashion designer. After the eccentric eldest son, Ranmaru, gives Momo the makeover of her life, she discovers that her mother was a legendary Hanabito, a beautiful woman with a divinely intoxicating scent that draws men to her like bees to nectar. What's more, Momo learns that she, too, gives off that same irresistable aroma. Although she and Ranmaru have fallen in love, their relationship now must withstand constant assault from a lot of handsome boys and men who desire to abduct and seduce Momo.

  7. Thanks :) Aaww I wish you've written your name.

  8. @tartza: I only realized as I was checking this entry that you meant the manwha "It's Love"! I thought you're referring to DSGL as about love. Gomen! Luckily, I found out about the manga a month after.

  9. i loved this manga. It was long but it reminds me of black bird. The ecchi-ness was fine it didnt really bother me, maybe because im older. However i looooved it. Do you know wny of this authors other works?

  10. try mei-chan no shitsuji I read it before but i've stopped reading it again. i thnk it's better than love monster and her art style has improved. let me know if it becomes rh. :D


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