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Monday, June 23, 2008

Red Lion

"Red Lion" by Yong Sun Kim 7 volumes-complete

Eisul promised her mom that she'll be just like any other normal school girl. But her gangster past is fast catching on her as she attracts troublemakers, delinquents and bishies too. I'll be brief with the summary but for a giveaway the heroine is like Yamaguchi of "Gokusen" just make her a student from a regular household. For some reason all the characters' drawings remind me of Shin of "Gokusen". It's disappointing that the plot never progressed to anything outstanding. But if you're looking for light reading, this is it. It's action-packed, no tear jerking drama and a few laughs here and there. The length is just right, you wouldn't feel like the story is going in a loop. Next thing you know, you're done reading it.


  1. have you ever heard about anime called Sugar Sugar Rune (?)
    I had to check many times before I recommended this to you cause I was thinkig that you had already wrote about it.. ^_^
    keep up the good work~ <3
    (I almost died while checing out your previous posts; there are so many of them already;
    I would die if I wrote that many
    ..I'm too lazy..)

  2. Oh thanks! I'm actually not familiar with it. I would have post more often if I have more time.

  3. it's kind of differed from normal:
    the heroine is fighting" to have them love her ^_^

  4. Being a bit of a romantic, I was totally not happy with the ending of this manga in the monologue. I loved everything up to that point, I want to imagine where their story may have gone from their but it just killed it .... :(


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