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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Red River

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By ayreesa

"Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori" ("Heaven by the Red River","Red River","Anatolia Story") 28 volumes-complete by Chie Shinohara

Yuri is a teenager taken from 20th century Japan into the ancient times of Anatolia to be offered as a human sacrifice. She gets entangled in royalty, politics, war and love. Where does she really belong, the sky by the red river or in the land of the rising, red sun? Of course I don't know since the scans are not yet complete. :D

"Red River" won the Shogakukun Award for manga in 2001. It's a lengthy reading with alternating romance, deception and action. The mangaka seamlessly wove in fiction with historical references. She even travelled to present-day Turkey for material. But the epic story suffers with lots of loopholes and literally in a loop. The evil priestess schemes, then a hero or a villain tries to seduce her and then someone or something anti-climatic will disturb them then repeat.

Although majority of the setting is in the 14th century, the art style is distinctly nineties. I don't know how to explain but it must be with the angular chins. Think "Tokyo Crazy Paradise". The manga also earns a mature rating for graphic violence and provocative situations.

Harem is supposed to be a group of women associated for one male and in reverse, group of men for one female. The bishies in "Red River" are not together in a group but they all share a common factor and they're all enamored with the heroine. Technically not a reverse harem, but same effect for fangirls like me. I also found out about "Red Lion" when I mistook it for "Red River".


  1. I found a mangaka who mostly writes reverse harem, Saitou chiho. her mangas are always with a lot of bishounens and romance. Like first girl, basilis no musume, kakan no madonna. you should check it out at mangafox.com
    Thanks for posting your blogs, I really like them

  2. Wee! Lots of titles and intriguing reviews too. Thanks! Tartza also recommended 'First Girl'.

  3. It is real reverse harem + heroine is witty! I've read 25 vollumes out of 29...this is my second try.
    Wish me luck to finish it! Manga worth spending time!!!


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