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Monday, December 1, 2008

Heart no Kuni no Alice~Wonderful Wonder World~

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By ayreesa

"Heart no Kuni no Alice~Wonderful Wonder World~" by Soumei Hoshino 1 volume-ongoing

Alice becomes a player of a mysterious game in Wonderland. There she meets an assortment of shady characters. Now with the anime being delayed, it's a good thing that at least the first chapter of the manga was scanlated. This small bit of the manga makes my heart pound with excitement for the anime with the popular seiyus, very cute art and clothes and bad, bad beautiful boys.


  1. Go!Go!
    Reverse Harem!

    a manga..not sure should be categorized as reverse harem or not...


    Uroboros no Wa

  2. Ooh I'll check it out! Thanks! :D

  3. I'll comment more if I found any that suits reverse harem..Gosh, this blog is a diamond in the rough! Keep it up!

  4. another manga, not reverse harem, but something light that you can read for fun and sweet moments. The main attraction is, of course, the weird violent couple ( have you ever heard of falling in love at first kick? Yeah, this is it!)


  5. The art in the manga cute ^-^, I can say even prettier than at game.

    I love Heart no Kuni game very much, even at first I don't like Mary=Gowland that much but after playing his route, I can come to like him.

    The bishies in Heart no Kuni otome game is just too much xD. (12 or 11 if twins counted 1 chara)
    My absolute favourite is Peter=White xD.

    I can't wait for OVA that planned to released ^-^

  6. *GASP* I don't think I can put into words how amazingly awesome this manga is...... I just can't but i just got the first to volumes officially in english from amazon and am freaking out! They should be here tomorrow or hte day after!!!! ((Boris is my favourite))

  7. Heart no Kuni no Alice, ahhhh~ one of my favourite mangas... Very addicting... Its too bad i don't know how to download the otome game...(Its because i'm dumb who can't follow the instructions on how to download it...) But I heard theres's a new otome game coming out! It looks hot, its called 'Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan' in english is 'Peter Pan if the Sweet Land'... And again, I WANT TO PLAY IT! Captain Hook looks like Blood, the mafia boss...

  8. I think there's another manga... 'Clover no Kuni no Alice'... Or is there? I heard there was...

  9. I just want to ask. Isn't Gakuen Alice also a reverse harem. I mean, everyone seems to like her although it's main focus was, of course, the fantasy element.

  10. Not too sure with the manga but the anime doesn't feel RH. Sorry...


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