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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Summer Days 17

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By ayreesa

Summer Days 17 by Mayu Shinju

Seventeen-year-old Ishimori finds herself alone with three boys for a summer trip. This is a tame oneshot by Mayu Shinjou. What do you expect ? It's a oneshot after all. XD There's no need for the pics of bishies because the mangaka always have the same style for the main man.

Thanks Lolly for the tip.


  1. Hey I just found a unconfirmed reverse harem. The main character is surrounded by pretty boys throughout the story but she only lives with two of them. Platinum Garden: it's hilarious and sometimes sweet too. There are girls surrounding her too. It's kind of like "Fruits Basket," but only one guy admits he like her, the others just drop hints or tease her. Take a look if you haven't.... Kim...


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