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Saturday, May 16, 2009

100% Perfect Girl

100% Perfect Girl by Wann- 11 volumes

Jay is the 100% perfect girl for the foreign royalty, Jarte but all the forces of nature seems to pull them apart. The story is intended to end after 11 volumes and it will take you to a very long engagement tainted with vengeance, politics, betrayal and the whole nine yards of soap opera drama. I read this after I saw this being compared to 'First Girl'. I like this better than 'First Girl' and this is best manwha that I really liked so far in terms of art and story. I've read a few manwha and they all seem to look alike but the style for this one is different and gorgeous. I was in a snail pace for 3 weeks with the first 3 volumes. But then after the 4th volume I was so engrossed with it. I'm not kidding when I say that it's soap opera-ish make it a dark soap opera. All the characters are twisted. From the very cold-blooded hot villains to the obsessive anti-hero and the suicidal-depressive-Britney-is-that-you -heroine. There are times I wonder if its' really happening with the 360 degree personality changes but still I can't help root for these two dysfunctional lovers. I'm not sure if this is a psychological drama or pyschotic drama.


  1. shit I have been reading this one too... how can I not serously realise it when I'm reading reverse harem~ !?
    I have been reading lot of manwhas lately...there so much artistic than mangas. mangakas from japan just sometimes ..hmm... simplify way too much. I recoment you read bride of the water god its not and reverse (at least not yet) but the art is simply fabilous!

  2. heya..!! This has notihn to do wit 100% perfect girl (although i must check that out) was just wonderin wats the anime/manga that main pic on the homepage is?? ^_^

  3. It's from the manga 'Secret Girl'.

  4. thanks a mill...!! ^_^

  5. have u read vol 11?
    give me a synopsis please..
    I hope this story would end happily ever after for Jay-Jarte

  6. I finished this Manhwa , and one of the manhwa that I will never get tired reading all over again .... this is really an amazing work, it's so perfect , it's like riding a roller coaster , once you start it , you can't stop ... my heart break for Luigi .. a lot of twists on the story ,but a nice ending , hoping I can see it on live or anime a must read ....


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