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Monday, October 12, 2009

Related: Tamra Island

Tamna the Island or Tamra the Island 16 episodes (aired version)/ 20 episodes (full version)

The story is set in 17th century Tamna Island of Korea where women are predestined to be divers all throughout their lives. Beo Jin feels she's not cut for diving and finds herself into all sorts of troubles with the exiled noble, Park Gyu; the shipwrecked English William and evil traders.

First things first. It's not a reverse harem but since there are beautiful boys this will be tagged under related. This is the first sageuk or Korean historical drama that I've really watched. I had misgivings at first with the heroine thinking she just a loli eyecandy and I didn't like 'Park Gyu's character in BBF. Both two delivered impressive acting while 'William' improved as the drama goes on. The three of them have great chemistry and in the end whoever Beo Jin chooses I will still be sad since I like them both. It's also funny to take note that Yan is fluent in English compared to William since he's French after all. I hate the acting of the villainess and her tense eyebrows. I get so tired watching her.

I loved the fresh soundtrack, the cinematography and especially the underwater scenes. Well minus points for the fake ship and the endless full moon nights. The story had a lot of touching and funny moments until episode 11, the time the network decided to cut short the drama. It was so rushed and there was no time to build up the emotions. I think it had greatly affected the story since it was trimmed. The ending was so abrupt and disappointing. The full version will be aired overseas starting in Japan this October 26. There will be full DVD release too. It's based on the manga "Shipwrecked" by Hye Na Jung. It was also shown in the drama. You might want to check it out .I have yet to read it.

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