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Monday, August 26, 2013

Anime Review: Uta Prince No Sama Maji Love 2000%

Uta Prince No Sama Maji Love 2000% - 13 episodes

After Starish's successful debut, the group now enters the Masters Course under the guidance of their seniors who are also idols. Will they also have a chance to get nominated for the Uta Pri Award given to the best newcomer idol group? Can Nanami find the missing piece of Starish to make it?

I hate to admit it but I wasn't a big much of a fan of the first season. And just like Neo Angelique and Hiiro no Kakera, I was bracing for the same indifference. But for the first time, I got schooled and I found a sequel that is actually better than the first. I think the reason it got more exciting now is that they are now working together as a group and not competing against each other. The let's-feature-a-character-per-episode is standard formula but I really enjoyed how they made the characters shine with glitz but still with a heart. The series wasn't just talking big when they used 2000%. They really doubled the entertainment. I found myself hypnotized with the songs and the gyrating I mean dancing and I found myself feeling happy. There is indeed a happy pulse! I don't have a favorite bishie in the anime. But instead I do want them all as a a group. They're all an important piece of the group and taking one just away from them will make them incomplete. Omg! I'm so being cheesy. This is the happy pulse talking! It's gonna be hard to top this one if they make a third part but I'm optimistic that they can still make it 3000%. On a final note, Shining reminds me a lot of the President from Skip Beat.  

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  1. The third season has been confirmed for 2015 release!!! According to crunchyroll at least lol


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