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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Book Review: The Scarab Beetle Book #2: Liar

The Scarab Beetle Book #2: Liar by C.L. Stone

Kylie's brother is missing and she returns back to the Academy boys for help. But as she gets to know the Academy, she's now having second thoughts if she's with the good guys or the bad guys. And as she digs deeper, she finds herself getting more entangled with the boys. Again girls, this is new adult. No kids allowed and spoilers ahead!

I have always kept my reviews spoilers free but since I've included novels, it's hard to keep book installment reviews spoiler-free. Okay here goes. I have mixed feelings with "Liar". Three-fourths of the novel was a drag and the pressure of not having to post reviews for weeks is the only thing that kept me going. I'm also having a hard time in picking up the mechanics of the bonds. Everything is a jargon to me. I might have finally got the gist of it at the end but it's still confusing to me. I also can't believe how easily she gets back to Blake in a heartbeat. I mean I like Blake. He represents the hot villains just like in Hakuouki and Harukanaru. But it just doesn't sit well with me. The only thing exciting that happened in between were Raven's and Axel's. I also can't believe that some sexual topics that will probably never see the light  in Ghost Bird series are being discussed so casually in Scarab Beetle. Like Raven's uhmmm thingy and how the Academy boys handle contraception. She's going to get really hot and heavy with  someone!

I was close to making a decision that I really prefer GB. The last one-fourth is the redeeming quality of the book. It's like all hell break loose. I'm not really particular with  movie action scenes. But I loved the GB crossovers. And there's this character that plays a crucial part on both series. And a major development that fujoshis will love.

I'm suddenly really interested with how the future books will play out and tying the two series was a smart move  since the former is already well-established with fans. The books can stand alone with each other but getting the easter eggs on both series is fun. Like Kylie having the phone on her bosom just like Sang's and she's like this is so obvious. It's also like we're outside looking in on both series with the POV from each book. GB to SB. SB to GB. 

I also love parallelisms. The significance of the title was explained and it's noticeable that the heroines both represent animals: ghost bird and scarab beetle. There's also the boys' POV in the end just like in GB. I can't stress enough how the two series are in the opposite end of spectrum. Or how they reversed the story of the Academy Boys. Or flipped the switch. Or live in alternate worlds. Kylie almost have all the info in an instant as opposed to Sang who's really out in the dark about the Academy.  

This also got me thinking that the mysterious guy that the principal talked to and Volto may be from SB. Blake's role in the book kind of reminds me now of Volto. But I don't think it's him. It's making me think again that the first choice may be true after all. 

P.S. The kohl nails in the SB covers are sticking out like a sore thumb since Kylie doesn't use nail polish. 


  1. Are you going to buy the books or even the pdf when it is released this Oct.27th and Nov. ?


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