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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Book Review: The Scarab Beetle Series # 3 Fake

The Scarab Beetle Series # 3 Fake by CL Stone

Kayli and the Academy boys are thrown into the middle of groups fighting over control of an underground phone network. Their group is the key into unlocking it. Watch out for spoilers and little girls are not allowed, 'kayyy?

Fake is a filler arc. CL Stone tends to grumble with how the conflict works. Just like in the bonds in Liar, the more they explain how the cellphone underground network works, the more I don't get it. I just skim on things because it all sounds so technical to me. I tend to this in some of Dan Brown's (The Da Vinci Code etc.) action scenes when my brain can't keep up with the movie-like scenes he's trying to paint. 

There is no progress with Will or any major events that will affect both Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle. But just like in The Other Side of Envy, the Academy is also becoming too aware of Kayli and her involvements.  The two heroines are in the verge of getting introduced to the Academy but Kayli's obstacle is her present connections with Blake, while with Sang it's her past. Both sets of boys are also becoming aware that they're all getting serious with the main girls. But unlike the younger boys, Axel already saw what's happening and Raven is vocal and telling everyone that they're a thing which I find cute. Raven is also the comic relief in the book with how he butchers English words and how he nonchalantly just blew up Blake's house. It's also becoming a pattern now that  Blake will get entangled and they will somehow end up destroying his property. And whatever happened with the second batch of eggs in Ethan's house? Did I miss it when I skimmed that part? I've decided that I now love Ravens' antics, but after three books, I have found my favorite Scarab boy, Brandon. The silent yet in pain brother but who pretends to be the other twin while snuggling in bed worked its spell on me. I'm still itching for the other twin twist to unravel. It's not hard to keep track of who's who unlike in Ghost Bird, well except for Marc. He seems forgettable to me. I also wonder if they'll find out about the Bird concept and if Kayli and Sang will eventually becomes "sisters" and ask for advises since they're having the same boy problems.  North appeared in the book and you have to admit that there's a twinge of possessiveness in behalf of Sang when he sort of check out Kayli in her outfit. 

Since the Scarab boys are more mature, the fanservice situations are really tricky and much more dangerous. I just have to say this out in the open, in Ghost Bird, the question is who gets to be Sang's first kiss, but with Scarab Boys, it's who is going to uhmm make love with. There I said and I'm not sure if the author will cross that bridge so the series may end up with none at all. We're already given a foresight that polygamous relationships can work just like with Lily and her team. But the more important question is, can we handle it?

Although the plot is becoming tedious with the predictable non-stop action movie theme, the boys are now growing into me which is a good sign. I don't think I like Kayli yet with her stubbornness. She is the complete opposite of Sang who is such a pushover. The fourth installment, Accessory, will be out on August 25. 

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