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Monday, October 12, 2015

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Shirayuki escapes from her kingdom when Prince Raji tries to make her his concubine because of her red hair. She meets Zen, the first prince of Clarines and joins him in his kingdom where she tries to hone her skills as a herbalist.

I read the manga before and tagged it under 'unconfirmed'. There are plenty of male characters but her relationships with them are ambiguous. But to be honest, I have forgotten the story now. So when the news came out I was excited but I had apprehensions at the same time since I haven't picked the manga since then. The first cour ran for 12 episodes and sadly, it doesn't feel reverse harem at all. So there's of course Zen, then there's this guy who seems drawn to her but he doesn't know it yet (haha) and of course, the one who started this, Prince Raji. But I feel like he doesn't count. But as I tried to check for spoilers, Raji will have a bigger role to fill in and hopefully it will be in the second cour.

Overall, I just find the story too neat and too perfect and in a very non-exciting way. It's kind of dragging too. I'm just not bought to the idea of their purpose in life. I don't remember feeling this way when I was reading the manga. It was kind of anything goes in the manga but in the anime it there's the pressure to see the larger view of the picture and I just couldn't connect. 

But I admire Shirayuki's character. She seems weak with her demeanor and soft voice but she's strong-headed and a fighter which are endangered qualities in reverse harem heroines. Not too sound like a party pooper but haven't they heard the idea of dyeing hair or wearing a wig to not attract attention. I also love that subtle relationship between Zen and Shirayuki. I was expecting that they'll be oblivious about their feelings or it will be long-drawn out and then poof! I wonder how it will pan out in the second cour now that they officially like each other. I'll keep it short then as we wait for its' return on January of next year. Let's also pray for a full-blown reverse harem story! *crosses fingers*

Check out the second cour here.

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