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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Book Review: Book #2 To All The Boys I Loved Before ~ PS I Still Love You

PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han

This is the sequel to the young adult book, To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Lara Jean and Peter's relationship didn't end well in the first book. In this sequel, they are faced with more trials with a scandal, with the ex-girlfriend, Genevieve and the third recipient of Lara's letters.

In terms of romance the start was boring but it gets exciting when the third guy enters the picture. It was also predictable of who he is and what the twist is. And when I was finally enjoying it, it was cut short abruptly. The end. And I remember reading Jenny Han's tweet before that there wouldn't be a third book! asdfhohj;erjfofjrgv! I don't get the purpose of the sequel. It doesn't redeem Peter and it made me root for the other guy instead. Good thing it's not just about boy drama. One of the things that I've enjoyed, is her I love for her family especially her little sister, Kitty. I particularly loved the answer to the question of who will she save if they're in danger, Kitty or Margot.  I'm also quite satisfied with the backstory of Genevieve and her other tree house friends. 

I started following Jenny Han on Twitter right after reading the first book. So whenever Lara Jean bakes and goes on full Martha Stewart, I can hear Jenny Han herself talking and not Lara Jean instead. Jenny Han is really big on baking and oh yeah nail art too! There's a slumber party with nail art involved.

There are two kinds of reverse harem in novel format. The first are books that are intentionally reverse harem, like The Spearwood Academy, The Ghost Bird Series and Falling For Sakura. Almost are self-published. I'm also seeing a rise of reverse harem stories in Wattpad. The second are books with authors who have not probably heard of the term, reverse harem. For accidental or unintentional reverse harem, we have this, The Heir of The Selection series and The Boyfriend List. They're mostly young adult novels from big publishers. I can still remember E. Lockheart of TBL asking what Reverse Harem Garden is. Of course, I just made a generic answer that it's about blog reviews of animes, mangas, dramas and eventually books. I can't just tell her that I took upon myself to dub her books as reverse harem. I wished I added this in Year of Review. We might find another kind of reverse harem as we go along. Take note, I still have not started the mature reverse harem novels I'm seeing in Goodread. Lil girls, please, please don't research it. 

The cover of TATBILB is really pretty and the second book didn't disappoint. But in the end, what matters is what inside. The fireworks between Lara Jean and Peter lost its spark.

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