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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Drama Review: From Five to Nine

From Five to Nine- 10 episodes

Sakuraba Junko's ultimate dream is to go to New York that she even became an English teacher. But she meets a monk (Takane) who is relentlessly trying to convince her to be his wife.
I've read just one chapter only and I have no idea if it will be a reverse harem but I've seen a wallpaper with so many bishies so I assume it will eventually be in true Miki Aihara fashion. I was tempted to pick up the manga again when I found out that there will be a live action but decided not to and to just wait for the drama. Turns out it is indeed a reverse harem! The only difference, I can say is for one chapter only since that it far as I went haha There's a major event that happened in the first chapter that happened in episode 4 but it didn't go the way as it did in the manga. What the hell, I'm talking about?

Anyway, let's get into the drama. There's a lot of conversations in English. I should not complain right? I watched this when I just gave birth since I can only watch shows that are with subtitles. The baby got supersonic hearing. When the English part comes in I have to frantically look for earphones. Lol. I'm okay with their accents, probably because I'm Asian.  This got me through the first week of getting used to having a baby again and I really looked forward to watching it every day.

As I've mentioned it is a reverse harem but the story is focused more on Junko and Takane. There are three more guys who are in enthralled with her. The third guy will come as a surprise. The two lead look cute together and they have chemistry, but it's hard to take it seriously because of the comedy. Japanese jokes are so different say if you compare it to kdramas. It had touching moments too like Junko's relationship with her family which is so endearing.

It's also my first time to watch Yamapi. His popularity precedes him.  Junko is really beautiful and it's only when I Googled her that I've found out that she's actually Hans from the live action Attack on Titan. But wait there's more. Yamapi's grandma is so eerily familiar until I gave into Googling her too and guess who she played before---she's Domyouji's mom of Hana Yori Dango! There are other elements that reminds me of other reverse harem like when he trapped her, it reminds me of Amnesia. There's also the language of the flowers which is so Brothers Conflict and Saiunkoku Monogatari.

Apparently, monks in Japan can get married too. I have updated the list of monks in Reverse Haremism to include this. Who would expect that there is going to be a lot of monks in reverse harem.

It's too bad that Aihiri will focus more on BL. Hot Gimmick is one of the first reverse harem mangas that I've read and I really loved it. I wish they'll also adapt her other works especially Hot Gimmick. There's also a fujoshi in the drama and they featured Aihiri's BL works. Must find the time to read the original manga of From Five to Nine.


  1. Sounds interesting. I might give the manga a try, since I saw it but never actually read it. By the way, if it isn't too much to ask can you update the banners? It's only up to October last year.

    1. Forgot to reply...I updated the banners but up to April only! :D

  2. I liked from 5 to 9 but I was watching it while it was airing so I stopped after ep 4. I've read some of the manga as well. I still go back to asian drama sites thinking I should go back and watch the rest but haven't been. I'll give it another try next time :)

    OMG I didn't know she was Hans (or Hanji in the manga)!

  3. thanks for the drama review and congratulations on your new little one! :D


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