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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Anime Review: Akatuski No Yona OVA

Akatuski No Yona OVA - 3 episodes

The OVA consists of 3 episodes. The first episode is onsen-themed which features Kija's childhood while the other two episodes cover Zeno's arc in the manga. 

The first episode is a mix of fanservice and sadness while the latter two is much, much sadder! I think Zeno's arc is very important in the story. We usually see this development within the series. I hate to think that this will be the last of Yona. Or are they preparing us for the second season?  It's too bad that I spoiled myself before, so I already know the twist. I also noticed that a lot of characters in Yona has such sad backstories. But if there's any consolation, I feel happy that the dragon warriors and Yona are all together now. Plus watch out for the cute scene after the credits of the last episode. And oh yeah, we also need to know Jae Ha's past too. That scene was such a tease. 

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  1. I really like fantasy and romance genre very much.This anime is look like it is made for me i guess swason has 22 episodes.
    you write quite precise.
    thank you


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