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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Book Review: Seraph Black Series 1 - 3

Seraph Black gets by with her day with painting and finding a way to survive with her brother, thanks to their alcoholic and abusive father. Then one day, she meets these brothers who are actually her pairs and she's supposed to be their Atma. So that explains why she has these powers...  But not only that, she gains a stalker too. Warning: Mature content. 
Book 1: Charcoal Tears 

First thing's first. Let's get the cat out the bag. There are a lot of similarities with CL Stone's The Academy or The Ghost Bird series. Truth be told, the only reason I read it are basically of the good reviews and the comparison with Ghost Bird. My curiosity got the better of me. This was also already under my radar when I received a gift for this from the author. The least I want to is to make comparison with The Academy but the first book had a lot especially for someone who have already read Academy. It would be impossible not to compare the two. The setting of school. Abusive parent.  Stalker. Bomb threats. Silas. Gabriel clone. Shopping trips. Teacher. Missions. Hacker. Security camera. Wealthy. Wallflower turned  Most Popular overnight. But the action, mature themes and the brother makes it a cross between The Ghost Bird and The Scarab Beetle with supernatural twist. But I beg you to still give it a chance and to get pass the first book. You'll enjoy the succeeding books. I love that reverse harem authors are creative in making the reverse harem more plausible. This will not stand for non-reverse harem fans.  And this book is one of those books that defies logic. Plus I also love the supernatural premise. At this point I have no favorite character but I love the twins

Book 2: Watercolor Smile 

Serpah moves to the Klovada school which is the school for people with their abilities to escape from her stalker. But aside from the stalker, the Voda, or the head of their people are now becoming more interested with Seraph too. 

If the first book is all about comparing with The Academy , in the second it has successfully got rid of all the comparisons. It has found its own wing to soar without judgement and shine on it's own.The story is darker and unpredictable. Okay, I said the comparisons stopped but while Watercolor Smile is going on the opposite direction of The Academy. The reverse of The Academy. Whereas The Academy is slowly building up to plot twist, Seraph Black is on the fast lane and there's no torture of waiting for answers to the who's and the why's. And with that Watercolor Smile ends in a very powerful note.

My favorite for this book is Quillan just because I have this fantasy  theory of there's more to him that meets the eye. I love her other power that has interesting effects with Clarin, twins and Silas. This book just created an Olympics event: synchronized kissing. I tend to skim on Silas chapters but after the ending, I have new found respect for him. 

Book 3: Lead Heart

Seraph enters college at Hollow Valley University and as well as the Klovada to find a way to save Silas.

I want to kick myself for not guessing stalker's identity. The ending from Watercolor Smile had a big clue. I wish to reread everything from the stalker's perspective. I was expecting more of Silas especially with how the last book ended. Or maybe I had very high unrealistic expectation from that very powerful ending. I was disappointed at first but after I let everything sink in, I realized I didn't know what I was looking for but what happened is actually satisfying. This is it. As the story progress, I'm enjoying how the supernatural theme is played out too. The background and of more to come. By the way after I finished the second book, I just can't wait to read the third book which was just released. So I joined the author's giveaway and I won this book. I was that desperate.

The problem with reverse harem is it's not going to happen in real life. There are scenes that make me cringe or just shake in disbelief. This is not going to work. But the story convinces you that it makes sense and that you have to let go and just accept it.

They even made rule of no sex which is good. I'm not yet ready for any characters in the reverse harem novels that I've read so far to consummate. I don't want to imagine the consequences and I'm not yet ready to cross the bridge. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. So I'm going to take my sweet time with YA and NA for now.

The series is making me confused of who am I rooting for. I think its back with the twins. They are so are cute being drawn to her which doesn't make sense to them.

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